Pablo Geraldo

PhD Student at UCLA Sociology


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Pablo Geraldo

Research Publications

Brand, J.E., Xu, J., Koch, B., & Geraldo, P. (forth.) “Uncovering Sociological Effect Heterogeneity Using Tree-Based Machine Learning”

Geraldo, P. & Brand, J.E. (2020) “Causal Inference.” Oxford Bibliographies in Sociology, Ed. Lynette Spillman. New York: Oxford University Press.

Gonzalez, K., Geraldo, P., Estay, M., & Franklin, C. (2019) “Solution-Focused Brief Therapy for Individuals With Alcohol Use Disorders in Chile.” Research in Social Work Practice, 29(1):19-35

Geraldo, P. (2018) “Secondary Schools’ Vocational Track and the Reproduction of Social Inequality.” National Thesis Award: Thinking the Youth 2015. Santiago, INJUV (in Spanish)

Maldonado L., & Geraldo P. (2018) “Fixed Effects Regression and Effect Heterogeneity.” In: Giesselmann M., Golsch K., Lohmann H., Schmidt-Catran A. (eds) Lebensbedingungen in Deutschland in der Längsschnittperspektive. Springer VS, Wiesbaden

Geraldo, P. & Salinas, E. (2014) “Primary and Secondary Effects in the Choice of School Track.” Proceedings of 8th Chilean Sociology Congress. La Serena, Universidad Central (in Spanish)

Geraldo, P. (2013) “The Crisis of Chilean Marxist Historiography.” Proceeding of 5th International Congress in Philosophy and Theory of History. Viña del Mar, UAI (in Spanish)

Geraldo, P. (2012) “Catholic Church Members during Popular Unity Government.” Simon Collier Seminar. Santiago, History Department, Universidad Catolica de Chile (in Spanish)

Policy Reports (in Spanish)

I participated in the elaboration of the following policy reports. All were collective efforts and as such have institutional authorship ascribed.

Center for Public Policy UC

Agency for Quality in Education


  • 2019 Schools as Sorting Machines: The Case of Vocational Tracking in Chile. PAA and RC28
  • 2019 A Network Approach to Career and Technical Education in Chile. PAA (Poster)
  • 2016 Causal graphs in social research. 9th Chilean Congress of Sociology
  • 2015 Impacts of High School Vocational Education. International Congress of Education and Poverty
  • 2014 Primary and Secondary Effects of School Track. 8th Chilean Congress of Sociology
  • 2011 Representations of Conflict in Allende’s Chile. 19th Congress of Chilean History
  • 2011 The Crisis of Chilean Marxist Historiography. 5th International Congress of Theory and Philosophy of History: Causality in History.

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